Bales outfitting outpost is near the center of the town square.

The Huntsmans Rest in town square

The Unicorn's Quill Edit

Location On Crown Alley, south of the town gate. Its neighbors include the spartan hall of the Wayfarers Guild and the large home of a female human named Wisa.
Description The shop is a two-storey stone-walled building, with a slate roof and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The air is filled with floating motes of prismatic light.
Shopkeeper The shopkeeper is an old female dwarf named Agag Holtidotr. She wears a collection of protective charms and talismans.
  1. Magic-User Scroll (Charm Monster, Extension I, Fire Charm, 2 x Massmorph, Plant Growth) (7200 gp)
  2. Protection from Earth Elementals Scroll (7500 gp)
  3. Protection from Magic Scroll (7500 gp)
  4. Has copy of tome of understanding for 10,000 GP and 9th level spellbook for 12,000