Old Docks Market Edit

Along the western tip of Leilon is the dock ward. The ward connects the settlement to the Sea of Swords, and is a stopping point for many ships traveling along the Sword Coast,however it is rarely the final destination. As a result, most of the ships moored here are only using Leilon as a resting point along the route. They come to do a bit of trading, to barter for supplies then continue their journeys and tend to move along quickly.

Description Edit

As you reach the western tip of Leilon, the smell of fish and tar begins to fill your senses, wafting in on the salty breeze of the Sea of Swords. You see a few small barges and a single Galley moored at the docks currently, but they seem quiet with the exception of a few guards. As you look to the buildings around you, you notice that they are almost all small shop storefronts for a variety of goods that the locals undoubtedly hawk to travelers and passersby. While you pass through the colorful wooden buildings, you are beckoned towards fruit stands, butchers' shops and other supply-oriented outlets. This is clearly a stopping point for vessels looking to resupply while on a journey to bigger and better places along the sword coast and farther-reaching destinations.