The Rum Well Edit

This is the main tavern in Leilon.

From the outside it looks folksy, warm and welcoming. Stacked stones and intricate wooden carvings make up most of the building's outer structure. The sign outside shows a well tipping over like a mug, with an amber liquid pouring out, seemingly endlessly. It's tough to see through the high windows, but the laughter from within can be felt outside.

As you enter the tavern through the well-crafted, metal door, you're welcomed by clapping hands and the smile of a beautiful halfling waitress.

Inside Edit

The bartender is quite busy, but still manages to welcome you with a friendly nod.

It's as engaging inside as it is on the outside. Tree logs support the upper floor and the candles attached to them. The walls are covered in photographs of personal achievements, all related to fishing competitions. Some of people who won awards, others simply of happy people..

The tavern itself is packed. Adventurers and wanderers seem to be the primary clientele here, which could be seen as the best sign you can get. Several long tables are occupied, with those in attendance enjoying the food, drinks and company of each other. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who clearly enjoy each other's company, though they seem to be strangers who have met here. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

Barstaff Edit

  1. Vinfield - Human, CG, Commoner, Sweet and inquisitive
  2. Teyeina - Gnome, NG, Commoner, Domineering and Inept

Wait Staff Edit

  1. Marine - Halfling, CG, Commoner, Intuitive and Discerning
  2. Tuniwait - Dwarf, NG, Paladin lvl 2, Contrarian, Full plate, Shield, Greatsword, Battleaxe and Shortbow

Patrons Edit

Table 1 Edit

Meribur (M) Halfling Commoner             Lawful Good Tailor Insincere; Talkative
Jafine (F) Half-Orc Commoner             True Neutral Laborer Witty; Flirty

Table 2 Edit

Brammaze (M) Elf Ranger 1 Greatsword, Silver Dagger, Longbow Hide    True Neutral Adventurer Filthy mouth; Mature
Gaton (M) Human Bard 1 Longsword, Darts(5) Leather    Neutral Evil Cutpurse Gloomy; Evasive
Danise (F) Half-Elf Sorcerer 1 Rapier, Flail, Longbow Half-plate    Neutral Good Explorer Shy; Succinct

Table 3 Edit

Eldea (F) Halfling Sorcerer 1 Long Sword, Silver Dagger, Shortbow Banded Mail    Neutral Good Guardsman Brainy; Gloomy
Azirok (M) Human Monk 1 Sai, Javelin Chain Shirt    True Neutral Adventurer Cheerful; Melancholy
Virguwa (F) Halfling Druid 1 Dagger, Daggers(3) Leather    True Neutral Unemployed Mercenary Disciplined; Obese; Gullible
Agalie (F) Human Paladin 1 Greataxe, BattleAxe, Daggers(3) Scale Mail    Chaotic Neutral Explorer Determined; Humble
Melence (F) Halfling Rogue 1 Greatsword, Quarterstaff, Heavy Crossbow Leather    Chaotic Good Off-Duty Mercenary Ostentatious; Good Gambler
Jafeth (F) Halfling Monk 1 Quaterstaff, Javelin Studded Leather, Shield    True Neutral Cutpurse Charismatic

Menu Edit