Important NPC's Edit

Storm Giants Edit

  • Mirran
    • Sister of Nym and Serissa
  • Nym
    • Sister of Mirran and Serissa
  • Serissa
    • The even keeled younger daughter of the King. Ally of PC's.
    • Current faction leader
    • Tower is area 32
  • King Heckaton
    • MIA
  • Uthor
    • uncle of Serissa, advisor.
    • Does not like small folk, has trident of fish command
  • Nimir
    • Eve-keeled, things alliance between giants and small folk is da best thing. Will never question Princess Serissa.
  • Orlekto
    • Royal Guard loyal to Mirran, wants to kill heckaton or serissa. very protective of Mirran (in love)
  • Shaldoor
    • Riding around the maelstrom on a whale, she is good, and believes that Anam shattered the ordening to push the giants to fight the dragons. Will help PC's.

Other Giants Edit

  • Vaal
    • Cloud Giant
    • can be bribed with magic and treasure
  • Tartha
    • Fire Giant
    • Hates dragons above all else. Advantage on check if they mention that a dragon infiltrated the storm giants court
  • Hellenhild
    • Frost Giant
    • Respects battle. Advantage on check if he is wounded in battle
  • Braxow
    • Stone Giant
    • Fears the giant gods. Advantage if the characters claim to have spoken to the oracle at Eye of All Father

Other NPC's Edit

  • Lyimrith
    • Warns Serissa that the group cant be trusted

Features Edit

Underwater: Some of this dungeon is underwater. While in those areas, the heroes will take 7 damage every 10 rounds due to the pressure. Underwater Combat PH page 198. There are all sorts of little details here:

  • Anemone Chests: DC 10 Dex or 11 poison. Trick it with a DC 15 Nature check.
  • Crystal Windows: You never know when a character will want to break a window! It isn't easy - damage threshold 20 (DMG page 247) 60 hit points. A high-level shatter spell might do it. Water will pour in and fill the place up quickly.
  • Doors: 30 feet tall, made of stone with barnacles, doorknob is 13 feet up. DC 15 Athletics to open.
  • Giant Clams: This is very amusing. There's treasure in these clams! DC 16 Athletics. Pearl of power (DMG page 184). Crystal ball (DMG page 159).
  • Portcullis: These are heavy! DC 26 Strength check. Luckily, medium creatures can squeeze through with a DC 10 acrobatics.

Notable Areas Edit

2. Portal Chamber Edit

Group appears in this area

Your vision flashes white briefly, before revealing before you a generally circular chamber. The moist walls are covered with bioluminescent lichen, snails, starfish and barnacles. Tiny, harmless crabs crawl across the floor, avoiding the sigil that you now find yourself standing on. As you gain your bearings, the musty, salty scent of the ocean fills your senses, accompanied by a powerful female voice and the deep haunting tones of an organ. In front of you lies a 40 foot wide circular pool of deep blue water. Next to that lies a wide spiraling staircase leading to an upper floor.

on the other side of the pool is a small hallway that is roughly hewn into the life covered walls. To your left and right are two 20 foot wide carved hallways.

Right (north) hall

This hallway ends with two large, barnacle covered doors with rusty hinges that stand 30 feet tall on the left and right. The handles to open them are 15 feet off the ground. At the end stands a statue depicting a male storm giant blowing into a pink and blue conch shell.

Left (east) hall

This hallway has two 15 foot tall ironbound oak doors on the right side. The hallway ends with a life size stone statue of a female storm giant holding a harp and wearing a gown made of purple coral.

Staircase to 14

5. Crab Pen Edit

Hulking crabs pg 240. huge crabs with ship wreckage stuck to shells

6. Nym's Whale Edit

Killer whale MM pg 331

7. Coral Garden Edit

Roper MM Pg 261

10. Sleeping Guard Edit

Storm Giant MM Pg 156, sleeping

14. Great Hall Edit

Mirran and Nym are entertaining giant guests Vaal, Tartha, Hellenhild, Braxow (Cloud, Fire, Frost, Stone respectively).

As you reach the top of the staircase you enter into the west side of a very large circular room. The room is split into two distinct levels. A 15 foot high raised ledge hugs the walls to the north and east, with gently sloping ramps on either side leading up to it. There are 4 barnacle covered pillars rising from this ledge to a 50 foot high vaulted ceiling and a huge crystal window at the back wall on top of the ledge allows in light that casts beautiful patterns on the walls.

Under this crystal window sits a huge crab, with colored nodules and hollow flutes of beautiful coral growing out of its shell. This creature is being used as a living instrument as currently a pale blue storm giantess with flowing white hair punctuated by a black 3 horned circlet. This giantess is currently tapping on the nodules with large whalebone mallets. When she does so, the crab releases a burst of air through one of its coral pipes, producing a deep tone similar to that of a pipe organ.

The giantess tapping the crab is accompanied by another giantess of similar size and skin tone, this one wearing a gold and green gown with long purple hair under a green conch shell with plated gold lining the inside.

These giants are clearly entertaining a group of 4 giants of various types who are gathered around mussel shell tables in the lower part of the room. These tables are placed around a giant coral fountain that spouts water into the air.

You note that the giants at the tables appear to be high ranking members of their respective castes and can clearly identify a cloud giant count, a fire giant dutchess, a frost giant jarl and a stone giant thane based on their elegant regalia.

When you all reach the top of the stairs, the music suddenly stops as the singing giantess notices your presence. Two storm giants that were previously facing into the hall, turn towards you revealing carved plate helms that have a large fin running lengthwise along the helm. Their armor appears to be a mix of plate and leather, and they also sport hardened leather greaves with sandals, plate bracers, long white cloaks and a solid steel circular shield. All of the armor these guards wear is intricately carved with what appears to be stories of the sea, or various runes of the giant language.

These guards turn towards your group, draw their massive longswords and stand with their shields at the ready, blocking your access to the room. One of the guards turns his head towards the hall and yells

"Princess Mirran, small folk have arrived in your court!"

The other guard glances over and rolls his eyes slightly

The princess who was singing gracefully begins walking down the circular ramp towards you and states

"Yes, I can see that Orlekto. I find it rather amusing that they would arrive unannounced. What brings you puny creatures to our great court?"

*Conversation pg. 207, s. dealing with mirran and nym, para. 2*

"Serissa is far too overwhelmed with important matters. guards, escort our guests back to their quarters. We will be with them shortly."

*escorts players to area 3, the guards stand watch in area 2, they have 15 minutes before mirran comes back with orlekto*


*coming back to area after fighting giants*

As you enter the great hall, it now lies silent. The two royal guards that you met earlier are no where to be seen, however you see now that there are a pair of hill giants guarding a massive set of barnacle covered doors with golden hinges that stand 30 feet tall. These hill giants stand at half attention, wearing loose scale mail and ill-fitting plate helms *Tugg and Cog info continued below*

15. Throne Room Edit

The hill giants have a -1 to insight checks

This throne room resembles an ampitheatre as you walk down the short hallway to center stage. Behind you lies stone bleachers overlooking an oblong chamber with a deep pool of seawater near its center. In the middle of the bleachers is the archway you just walked under. Ahead of you are three enourmous thrones. The middle one is carved from a solid chunk of obsidian, the armrests fashioned to appear as dragon claws, the backrest lined with the carved visage of dragon bones. 4 blue dragon skulls are affixed to its base with ancient glowing blue runes carved into the back of the throne. The throne itself hovers a foot above the floor, emphasizing the stark contrast of workmanship between this throne and the other two.

*dc 18 arcana or history reveals object as wurmskull throne pg. 237

The other two thrones are made of coral and giant seashells. Although impressive in their own right, they are clearly for giants of lesser status.

Seated upon the center throne is a beautiful and young looking storm giant with long grey hair fashioned into a single braid that rests along her shoulder. She wears a relatively simple grey toga lined with some gold filligree on the edges and a shoulder pauldron on her right shoulder that looks to be made of a layered leather like material formed to create multiple overlapping flowing waves. On her neck attached to a rope of kelp sits a small amulet that looks to be a miniature scepter carved of gold and platinum, with the head shaped into that of a dragon. The center of the rod appears to be shaped into a golden crescent moon with claw like flourishes on each end.

*dc 18 arcana or history reveals object as korolnor scepter, pg. 234*

The giantess is flanked by two other storm giants. One is a male storm giant with a long flowing white beard. he wears a very battle worn and scarred version of the royal guard armor you saw previously. He carries with him an elaborate trident that seems to be made of some kind of silvery metal wrapped in various forms of underwater plant life. Underneath the living aspects of this weapon, you can see that there are extremely detailed images of various aquatic life forms carved into the weapon. The other storm giant carries herself with confidence while wearing an elegant blue gown along with what appears to be a half crown made of polished white bone with a small white bone horn protruding from the top of her head. You also notice that she has piercing blue eyes and a scar across her face from cheek to cheek over the bridge of her nose.

If the characters are diplomatic to her and mention wanting to bring an end to unrest in giant society, she hands them a wooden coin painted with a golden goose on it. She wants the group to find out where its from and suspects that whoever killed her mother, may also be the cause of her father going missing. and the coin is the only clue to their whereabouts.

*Negotiations pg.209 paragraph 2 of Dealing with Serissa, end of Pg. 41 for guide to SKT.*

When faced with the possiblity of an alliance between stomr giants and small folk, lymrith states

"For all we know, theyre the ones who murdered your mother and abducted your father!"

As the storm giantess says this, silence immediately fills the room.



16. Royal Treasury Edit

Remember, each square is ten feet! So, it goes like this:

• Detect: DC 17 Perception

• Disable With a Spike: DC 15 Dex check.

• 250 Pounds on the Pressure Plate: DC 15 Dex save. Fail: 44 damage. Success means you

dodged. Remember, anchors fall on all of those trapped squares.

• This trap resets after one minute.


• Apparatus of Kwalish DMG page 151.

• 6 potions of giant size (page 236) You're huge for 24 hours. All sorts of cool benefits!

18. Meditation cave Edit

Attuning to cave takes an hour. Spells:

• Clairvoyance: PH page 222.

• Identify: PH page 252.

• Sending: PH page 274.

• Teleport: PH page 281.

19. Shark Pens Edit

10 Hunter Sharks MM Pg 330

21. Temple of Stronmaus Edit

Giant Sharks MM Pg 328

25. Library Edit

Rocks with writing on them. The following spells are on tablets:

  • Antimagic Field: PH page 213.
  • Conjure Elemental: PH page 225.
  • Fabricate: PH page 239.
  • Legend Lore: PH page 254.
  • Stone Shape: PH page 278.

31. Nym's Tower Edit

5 Steam mephis MM Pg 217