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The Spine of the World was a mountain range stretching from the westernmost part of Faerûn south of Icewind Dale to the eastern edge of the Cold Wood where it joined up with the Ice Mountains, which stretched all the way to the Anauroch.[4]

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As you look out over the battlefield, you realize that it should be night time. The sky is brightly light by several castings of sunlight throughout the valley below, casting bright light in every direction. It is clear that there is a powerful spellcaster in this fight. As your quarry runs towards the lodge, you see a woman wearing robes over white scale mail holding a long spear in one hand and a wand in the other, running towards the half dragon and wearer of purple you followed. As they near each other, you hear a booming female voice yell "GLAZHAEL". The huge white dragon that was above now takes a steep dive towards the trio and lands in the snow with an earth shaking crash, causing a small avalanche on a distant peak, speeding towards parts unknown. As the dragon stomps to the small group, light glinting off its pearly scales... its claws grip deep into the snow and ice with each step, breaking through the top layers of permafrost, cracking the landscape around it and leaving icy footsteps in its wake. It's deep blue eyes dart up the hill towards your party, before looking to the east while the group climbs onto its back.

The wurm spreads its wings

and with 3 flaps, takes flight, moving with tremendous speed to the east.

While the dragon flees with its allies, the frost giant swings his huge axe a few more times, utterly destroying part of the lodge and sending cultists and kobolds flying through the air. The remaining survivors flee towards a patch of trees behind the lodge while the giant turns his attention towards you....

perception check DC25

The giant charges towards you, you estimate he is only a few seconds from reaching you with his long stomping run.

As he arrives, he brings his axe down, his eyes glinting with rage... and he cleaves a rather large 4 armed creature straight in half as it leaps towards you from the right, out of a snowbank. As the creature lands with a bloody thud to the ground, thick red blood pouring its now parted torso, you note that it has exceptionally sharp teeth, a long nose and a very muscular build. Its white and green skin growing ever more pale by the instant as its eyes stare angrily at the giant for a few moments before loosing focus.