Snake Oil Tavern Edit

This tavern is nestled deep in the southern residential district of Leilon and not easily accessible by a main road, requiring some twists and turns down back alleys to find. This location is not filled with the most scrupulous fellows.

The inn is a single storey wooden building, with unusually low ceilings. Accommodations consist of straw mats near the hearth. The inn has recently become infested by rats. There is a clearly marked fighting circle in the eastern portion of this tavern, however it is not currently in use. The innkeeper is an impulsive female human named Bilia. She is a retired assassin, and keeps a pair of sharp daggers at her belt.

Menu Edit

  1. Cashew Bread and Curd Cheese, Mug of Mead (2 cp)
  2. Roasted Artichoke, Mug of Bitter (5 cp)
  3. Stewed Parsnip, Mug of Beer (4 cp)
  4. Barley Porridge, Mug of Ale (3 cp)
  5. Oat Bread and Soft Cheese, Mug of Bitter (3 cp)
  6. Oat Bread and Soft Cheese, Mug of Mead (4 cp)
  7. Salted Boar and Barley Biscuits, Tankard of Mead (10 cp)
  8. Roasted Shrimp and Watercress, Tankard of Mead (9 cp)

Patrons Edit

  1. Burga: Female Human Peasant, Good. Burga has curly black hair and large hazel eyes. She wears plain clothing and carries a long knife.
  2. Elegor: Male Elf Scholar, Neutral. Elegor is common in appearance, with curly silver hair and green eyes. He is truthful and fierce.