Silverymoon was the prime signatory state of the Confederation of the Silver Marches and therefore, viewed by many as the capital. It was ruled for centuries by High Lady Alustriel Silverhand, a powerful wizard and one of the Seven Sisters, some of the most powerful individuals on Faerûn and also Chosen of Mystra, the goddess of magic. It is currently ruled by Methrammar Aerasumé

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Knights in Silver Edit

The fighting force that defends Silverymoon is the Knights in Silver led by a paladin named Daraga Tarmikos.

Spellguard Edit

There is also the Spellguard, an order of spellcasters (primarliy wizards and sorcerers) led by a half-elven wizard High Mage Zangretor Tigersoul.

Argent Legion Edit

The High Marshal of the Argent Legion, the army of the Confederation of the Silver Marches resides in Silverymoon. The current High Marshal is a half elf fighter / wizard by the name Torsil o'Thiran.

Other Defences Edit

The Silverwatch policed Silverymoon's streets while the Moon Garrison protected the city from external threats. The High Guard, all veterans from the Knights, were responsible for the security of the palace and its environs.

The Mythal Edit

Silverymoon's Mythal was thought lost during the Spellplague, but it was merely dormant within the Moonbridge. With Mystra's Return, the mythal of Silverymoon blossumed out of the Moonbridge in all its former glory (wizard mythal).

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  • The Arcane Brotherhood (Luskan)
  • Orcs of King Obould Many-Arrows
  • The People of the Black Blood
  • Menzoberranzan

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Cyric is outlawed in Silverymoon.

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