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In the center of this large dungeon, 40 feet from the entrance, is Felgolos the bronze dragon. Felgolos clearly looks like he has seen some battle, as you can see bleeding flesh underneath torn bronze scales and the entire front of his torso is charred black. As Felgolos struggles to free himself from his bonds you note that in addition to the collar and muzzle, there are 4 heavy iron manacles around each ankle that are bound to the floor, preventing him from moving more than a couple feet in any direction.

to the right of the door are 3 empty iron cages sized for humanoid prisoners. The cages have bars that appear to be about an inch thick. The padlock on each of the manacles, cages, muzzle and collar are giant, and you think a normal sized person could not pick them.

One of the cloud giants appears to be a heavier set, older giant wearing a relatively plain looking teal and brown tunic with a flowing white cloak with a giant sized mace attached to his hip.

The other giant is a fit and younger looking man wearing braces made of flowing gold covering both forearms. His face is completely obscured by a mask. This mask is split vertically down the middle into two halves, the right side is entirely black and depicts half of a scowling face. The right side is entirely white and depicts half of a face with a cruel, knowing smile and he wearing a fitted teal tunic with intricately engraved metal pauldrons.

As you take in this sight, what sounds like an extremely loud moaning wind fills the chambers. The giant wearing the mask instructs the other giant to release the griffons, as the alarm has sounded, and to check on the countess. With a slight bow, the older giant runs from the room and begins opening the cages of the griffons, 5 in all. With screeches and buffeting wings, the griffons leave the aviary through the large windows you came through and begin circling the castle, searching for any signs of intruders. Once his task is complete, the older giant sprints through a single heavy wooden door opposite the windows and down a long hallway as the door shuts slowly swings shut behind him.

The remaining giant approaches the double wooden doors and begins to close them.