Little Hill Edit

Little Hill is a small farming hamlet to the east of Leilon. It's small population supports Leilon's economy with a wealth of agriculture and offers little in the way of services to travelers, however it is self governed by a town council consisting of 5 elected officials in a small town hall that lies next to the hamlets only well.

Description Edit

As you leave the eastern gate of Leilon, you pass through a small farming community. Chickens, pigs and a few dogs run about while children play in the street and farmers toil in the fields around. Passing by a small notice board you see the name of the community: "Little Hill". The notice board itself has no interesting notices in place, except for a reminder that any sightings of dragons, giants or marauding warbands should immediately be reported to the "Lances of Leilon". This decree is signed by the "Town Council". You cannot find any immediate services for adventurers like yourself as all of the buildings seem to be humble farming homesteads with the exception of a modest log hall that stands next to a well near the center of this hamlet. Over the plain wooden double door is a sign that says "town meeting hall" in neatly painted red letters. The people of this community glance up at you, as you are a rather motley crew, but they do not question or heed your presence. You feel that they have seen a large manner of folk walk down this road (the High Road)

The town meeting hall door is locked at all times.