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Leilon is a small trade town that serves as a convenient resting place for weary travelers on the High Road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep.

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As you follow the road, it eventually turns from gravel and packed dirt to paved trail. After weaving through the trees for a mile or so, the land opens up to a clearing, ending in 30 foot high solid stone walls and a heavy porticullis gate that currently stands open the gate is flanked by two 40 foot high stone watchtowers. Looking closely you can see movement in these towers, and the shapes of multiple soldiers patrolling the walls. There are a few small wooden homesteads at the base of the wall, and a few people milling about. You can smell the scent of roast pork wafting from an open window as you pass under the archway, noting that at least a few weary eyes are tracking your groups movements as you arrive in the town of Leilon.

Notable Locations Edit

  1. Lord Pelindar Failmarya's Keep
  2. The Forgotten Barn (Inn)
  3. The Rum Well (Tavern)
  4. The Golden Road (Merchants Guild)
  5. The old docks market
  6. Little Hill (Farming Hamlet)
  7. The Black Anvil (Smithy, watched by Zhentarim)
  8. Snake Oil (Tavern)

Official Lore Edit

Official overview of Leilon can be found here.

Personalities Edit

Lances of Leilon Sergent Edit

Joseph de Bolbec is a 18 years old male human fighter. He has short, wavy, white hair and red eyes. He has smooth, ghostly white skin. He stands 5'7" tall and has a regular build. He has a square, slightly forgettable face. He is albino.

Personality Traits

He discretely worships Selune, Goddess of the moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, questers, lycanthropes. (Neutral Good) He has an even temper. He is an example of modesty. He argues about everything. He has a beautiful singing voice.

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